Hi Al, Thanks to you, I called Liberteks with my latest computer problem. Everyone should know how wonderful these people are! They are not only knowledgeable about technology, but they are also informed about a portion of the computing public: us newbies. I am a college graduate in my fifties embarking on a new field of study, which is heavily dependent on technology (let's just say I'm at the beginning of the learning curve). Their sales rep very respectfully explained some pretty basic things to me -- he was very patient. It was a pleasure to deal with this company, which clearly understands the importance of the personal touch! I'm glad they advertised with you.

-Lani Wright

I can't thank you and your staff enough for your help, I am more productive already! Thanks.

- Kathy Burbank
MSW Executive Director Guilderland Chamber of Commerce
2021 Western Avenue Albany, NY 12203 518-456-6611

When I had serious computer problems, the very first place I called was Liberteks. They responded immediately and professionally. They really held my hand when I needed someone. I always hire someone smarter than I am. When it comes to technology, the folks at Liberteks are very smart. I highly recommend them to you. They will give you excellent service.Thanks,

- Dr. Thomas DenhamCareers in Transition
Albany, NY 12203 518-366-8451

Hi Larry,Thank you for the fine smAlbany event and MS Bus. You and Patty and the tech wizards put on a great show. Good talks, good bus, good friendly feeling.

Somebody put a lot of thought into the refreshments (from fruits to chocolates), the info bags, and the cute little 3d busses. Mike gave me some good advice about back-ups and also my monitor. I learned more about small business systems and security from Vince. When I buy or recommend future systems, I'll have a better idea on what to choose.

It was good to see you again. Best wishes.

- Charles Wicker, MBA, president
Sherwood Marketing
(518) 753-9528
Helping Businesses Grow To The Next Level

The setup is working great, I really appreciate the computer guidance!Thanks,

- Lowell Knapp, Our Towne Publisher

Hey, Larry - wanted you to know everything worked out. I'm a happy computer camper, will definitely be seeing you for my next upgrade in a year or so - it pays to hire pros!Thanks for the followup support.

- Michael Bopp

Larry, just want you to know that the remote desktop worked very well when I was out in California.  I was more productive than I ever could have hoped.  With my office and your remote connection we were able to land some good jobs. Thank you Larry!

-Chuck Campbell, Albany Elevator Services


I had a software issue that inconvenienced me daily. And, as many people do - I put up with it for some time until I finally emailed Dan (out of frustration) for a possible solution. He gave me a quick one that didn't work. But, that's not a problem. When I saw Dan last week at BNI (when I subbed), I explained in a very lame way that the solution he gave wasn't going to work for me due to some settings on my end. Before the end of the meeting he gave me another solution, which I just put to the test today. IT WORKED! Thanks so much Dan.


Hi, I wanted to let you know that what you did to my lap top seems to be working. The JUNK E-MAILS are going where they should be going…THANKS!

- John McLaughlin

Many of the people in my organization utilize Larry and his firm to take care of their IT and computer needs. He is the best in the business, and I highly recommend his firm for their utmost professionalism.

- Steve Clem, Director of Business Networking International

Thank you , Larry - You put together quite an event! I really enjoyed  attending seminars and meeting and talking to the vendors.  I hope next year I'll be able to stay for the entire event.  Thank you for all your hard work. GREAT IDEA to send out the vendor info as a follow up to the event! See you soon.

- Patty O'Toole, Owner, The Sound of Patty O'Toole

Larry, Dan - just a quick note... nice job with the tradeshow.  We had great traffic, and the three of us manning our table were constantly engaged in conversation with interested attendees all afternoon.Thanks!

- Nick Gangi, CEO, eSolve Solutions

"Liberteks earns a 10+ for excellent sales and service."

If you want to do business with a local vendor and not be disappointed, contact the staff at Liberteks. I was looking to upgrade my home set up, computer, printer, router, modem, and the works. I visited a couple of computer places in the capital district and was disappointed by the lack of product, no options to choose from, lack of home service, and offers to "make" something that would work but no opportunity for me to purchase new equipment. Found Liberteks website took a chance and walked in. As soon as I met NaVada Thompson I knew I was in the right place. He asked what kind of work I did, what I wanted to do at home and put together a recommendation that fit my needs. The key selling point for me was the offer to have his staff come out and set it all up for me. That was it, that simple, NaVada ordered what I needed, when it arrived, they had it configured and sent Dale Friscic out for the on-site installation. Dale was perfect, very knowledgeable, and comfortable to work with, answers all your questions and concerns, connects all pieces, takes away all the old equipment, boxes, leaves a neat setup and a very satisfied customer. Love my Lenovo Desktop with the 23 inch monitor. Thanks Navada and Dale.

-Adell Smith

Liberteks was able to take our statewide not-for-profit council to next level by implementing new technology and best practices. We would highly recommend Liberteks for any business seeking to improve their productivity and effectiveness through technology.

- Brad Williams
New York State Independent Living Council (NYSILC)

Liberteks has been managing the network and systems of our 6 site business for the past 7 years. They have supported our business systems and staff helping us use technology impact the service we provide. Utilizing Liberteks guidance during our business planning has helped us manage our costs and maximize how we use technology.

- Vicki Betz
Betz, Rossi, Bellinger & Stewart Family Funeral Homes, Inc. (BRBS)

Liberteks has been a blessing to our fire house. They came in and looked at every piece of hardware and software we had, assessed our needs and put our plans into action. They hooked up a new printer/scanner/copier that had been sitting there not connected for many, many, many months, and we are now able, thru wireless technology, to print items off of our laptops during our meetings, and actually use the devices we have. They looked at every computer in the building, as well as all the hardware, routers, etc. and gave us reports on what they found and what they were doing. They periodically email me reports and updates, and always ask if there is anything else we need.

They also gave us the ability to contact them at a moment’s notice. At one of our meetings they accessed my machine remotely and fixed the problem I was having right then.

I would recommend sitting down with the people at Libertek and listening to how they can help.

- Debbie Schenkel
New York State Teachers’ Retirement System

The crew at Liberteks is great and I am so glad that we came to you instead of going to one of the Big Box stores! We like to shop locally and support local business in the area. Choosing your business has really worked well for us!

- Kate Provencher

When Technology makes you sad and confused, Call Larry! He is definitely one of the people I rely on in this sometimes confusing world. I am so happy to recommend Larry and his great company, Liberteks!

- Mary Beth Johnson RN
Mobile Maven

Thank you Larry and your entire staff for the great job you did on my laptop! You were able to get my computer back in working order quickly and at an affordable cost. Six years of photos, which I thought were lost forever, were successfully recovered! Thank you so much, great job!!!

-Jean Cataldo
Guilderland Receiver of Taxes

A few months ago when my laptop acquired a virus I thought the best course of action was to call the manufacturer who sold me an extended warranty when I purchased it. After several frustrating hours of talking to someone overseas that this Big manufacturer uses for a call center, I was talked into their "Best" virus protection. Well within a few weeks the "Best" virus protection did not protect my laptop from another virus. I called Larry and he installed the correct virus protection and now all is Good! I highly recommend Larry and his team at Liberteks for computer repairs and preventative maintenance.

- Bob Clasby

Liberteks.com has made a world of difference for us at Mechanicville Community Center. In the past year, they have secured our files with a remote backup, enabled employees to work off-site and have taken our computer network from a mess of errors and crashes to a stable, functioning computer environment. They have also set up web filters to prevent inappropriate website access from our computer labs, which previously required someone to actively monitor the labs. And best of all, they understand the needs of non-profits in terms of budgeting and planning expenses so that we no longer have “computer crisis’s” and instead have an easily planned for fixed-cost IT budget. Thank you Liberteks!

- Mechanicville Community Center

The people at Liberteks listen well and when they a offer a solution, they know what they are talking about. They help you understand what technologies and equipment you need to meet your goals. Liberteks will help install the equipment and make sure it is working well for you. After doing business with Liberteks for a while, they became your good long term partner.

- Rabbi Avraham Laber
Chabad of S. Rensselaer County

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