The Tips to Keep Safe on Social Media


Social media has become a big part of our day to day lives. Whether you use social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or any other social network; safety, security, and personal privacy should always be a top of mind concern. Today we’ll share a few ways to stay safe, coming up next.

It seems like every day we hear about new hacks, information leaks, or even people using social media for criminal means. For these reasons, it is important to use social media with safety and security in mind to avoid becoming a potential victim. Here are three security tips for using social media safely.

1. Don’t Share Personal Information – it might sound simple, but you would be surprised at how much information can be found about an individual just by searching through their public social media profiles. It is highly recommended to never post any specific private information publicly on social networks. Remember these are public sites, and for that reason just about anyone can find out information about your family, your location, your schedule, and so much more.

2. Change Privacy Settings – Most social networks by default show your personal information and posts to the public. It is up to you to go into your settings and change your privacy options to reflect the level of privacy you would like. Each social network has their own way of accessing these security settings, so it is best to look up privacy setting instructions on a search engine for the social site you would like to modify. By making these changes you can keep prying eyes out of your social media profile.

3. Change Passwords Often and Use Two Factor Authentication – Due to the amount of hacks and password leaks happening today, changing your password on a regular basis is no longer enough. Because of this many social media networks have implemented two factor authentication to help alleviate unauthorized access to accounts. Two factor authentication protects your social account by requiring at least two checks before allowing changes to your account. This could be through text message, mobile device, another account, or several other means. Turning this protection on for your account should be a top priority in further securing your profile.

Though there is no one hundred percent foolproof way of ensuring total safety while using social media sites, using these tips will go a long way to helping you secure your information and your account. If you would like help auditing your companies social media policies or any other network needs, please give our team a call today.

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