Windows 7 Open House & Technology Workshop @

To mark the nationwide product launch of Microsoft’s Windows 7, will host an open house and technology workshop on October 22 at our Guilderland office at 1648 Western Ave. (opposite Crossgates Mall) from 4-7 pm.

Win 7 is the first Microsoft system upgrade since Windows Vista nearly 3 years ago, and its scheduled release for the general public is widely anticipated. staff will provide a “hands on” demonstration of the new operating system at the open house, and answer your questions on a operating system upgrade.  

Windows 7 is the first Microsoft operating system that will allow small businesses to run any computer program virtually anywhere, and it will allow small business to use technology better than many large businesses. I predict it will be a powerful new tool that moves small businesses toward a level of reliability where they will no longer have to worry about technology.  

Other new Win 7 features allow users to easily restore files or folders that are accidentally deleted or overwritten, protect confidential information with new encryption technologies, choose the level of security and prompts, protect data and the operating system from Internet threats, spyware, and other threats.

For more information, or to schedule an update, contact at 452-0550 or visit us at .