Keep it Simple when it comes to your Computer

Simple is good. Simple is fast and easy. And when it comes to your computer, you should always keep it as simple as you can.

Everyone thinks computers are complicated, but I believe the best way to manage a computer network is by keeping it simple, so that you never have to think about the technology. (Do you ever worry about how the electricity in your house works when you turn on the light?)

Einstein said “Keep it simple, but no simpler,” and that’s what our technicians do at We take a complex assortment of operating systems, applications, networks and files and make it simple, fast and easy to use -- you dont't need to think or worry about the computer.

Too often, computer users have added applications that muck up and slow down the computer’s performance. You know, those old photo display programs (Picasa, etc.) or trial software that are still on your hard drive taking up space, constantly bugging you to purchase them as well as interfering with other programs and slowing down your system.

I don't mean to be crude, but it's like trying to put 10 pounds of ass into 5 pounds of pants...

Today those functions are often available on you operating system or on preinstalled software programs.

In the same way, there had been the trend to develop custom programs for a business’ specific operating. I would argue that this is costly and unnecessary in the majority of circumstances.

And that’s where “Best Practices” and “Managed Care” programs come in. We clean up your system, remove old programs and files and reconfigure you system to run more efficiently. I’ve been told by my customers that their computers operate even faster after an upgrade than they did when they were first purchased.

On the business end, most small businesses would find it more efficient and cost effective to use pre-developed software and incorporate it into their system. Most programs can be customized to meet your exact specifications, and provide all of the functionality you seek.

 The benefits of this approach are numerous. Your network runs smoother and more efficiently by uploading the specific programs you need. Upgrade and repair/reprogramming costs are significantly reduced.