Arlo, Ray Davies & smAlbany Music

 Hi Steve (Steve Nolan/PJ Computers),

 Thanks for sharing your smAlbany experience on Arlo Guthrie. While I am not a hippy, nor was I ever a hippy, I too am a big fan of Arlo Guthrie. In fact Arlo just recently appeared at the Egg. The Times Union said it was a good show.

Ray Davies of the Kinks also appeared at the Egg last Monday (11/23). What a great performer, and what a great venue the Egg is. Clearly one of the best places to see a show -- anywhere. Nobody has an Egg! Remember, Rockefeller built the South Mall/Empire State Plaza and Lincoln Center to outdo his father's construction at Rockefeller Center. I think he did a good job.

While I'm name dropping I should add that we're blessed with some other incredible music venues locally -- The Palace, Proctors, Times Union Center (I guess), Cafe Lena, Northern Lights, Revolution Hall, Valentines, the Armory, the Linda, SPAC in summer, Red Square, the list goes on and on. Go check them out.

Btw, Davies only performed 8 US shows in these cities: LA, San Francisco, Boston, NYC, Montclair, NJ, Philadelphia and Albany. ... Pretty good company for smAlbany. The last week or so also witnessed Metallica, Matisyahu, Phish, Meat Puppets and Ani DeFranco, etc. etc. So as you can see, the music scene is large in smalbany. 

And it would behoove me to repeat Arlo's admonishment in “Alice’s Restaurant” which we should use for our smalbany efforts: "it only takes 50 people to start a movement..."