What got you to locate to smAlbany?

I often hear that smAlbany aka Capital District aka Tech Valley is a good place to live. As a local resident I ask new residents why they moved here. Usually I am told: 

1. We wanted to move away from New York City area (often due to the perception of the improved schools in the smAlbany area) 

2. My spouse got a job on here 

3. I wanted to be near my family 

Everyone’s reasons are unique and personal, so I thought I’d share my reasons for relocating to smAlbany in 1977. These are not in any particular order, just in the order as I recalled them. 

1. The lack of disco culture and music 

2. The ready availability of good music locally (SPAC, The Palace, and various venues on campus, and off campus) 

3. The commercialization of the fax machine made being in New York City unnecessary 

4. The affordability of living in the Capital District -- housing prices and other expenses had skyrocketed downstate and I was among a diaspora of college grads and others from NYC, Long Island and downstate areas who relocated here because of its greater affordability and value 

5. Sky -- you may not know it but Albany is one of the sunniest capital cities in the USA 

6. Learning to drive allowed me to travel to NYC as needed

 What’s your reason for relocating here?