Best Practices in Social Media

How do you know you have a best practice that works in social media? If you create a "performance" action that is connected to a "quality"  system (ie. you can count any change in performance); then you have a chance to test this pairing as a best practice.  If you make money, then you can call it a potential best practice. To jumpstart the building of these best practices list items, start with "saving money" in addition to "making money" as a  list building criteria. For example:

I recommend taking any reply that comes in from twitter, Linked-In, Facebook or email and re-post these replies to your own blog using the original timestamp, relevant link and email address. Add a picture when possible.  By doing this you turn cleaning out your inbox into a content management assignment, which pays for itself by reducing the number of emails and replies you have to do for your emails.   A permanent base of blog responses is your metric and your profit. A small inbox pays for yoy to automate this further.

What best practice helps clean out your inbox(es) while building your social media value?