The Essence of “smAlbany”

I was running errands last weekend wearing my crew shirt. It’s a handsome shirt – white with a royal blue stitched Liberteks logo.

As I made my way around from this store to that, I had the good fortune in less than an hour to run into two Liberteks customers who commented on my shirt and the service they received when they were at the store.

You can imagine my surprise and delight. And I learned that Ne’vada has quite the loyal following. It’s good to get positive, unsolicited feedback from your clients.

As he was leaving the second gentleman said: “I always like to be able to go to a local small business that can do great job on my computer.”

Again, you can never get too many accolades, but that’s when it hit me. His comment demonstrated what I believe is the true essence of the smalbany small business day.

If we could all seek out local businesses and partner with them we could expand business opportunities for all. We see the bumper stickers and slogans all the time -- “Buy Local” – this is the opportunity to put that idea into practice.

smalbany is the venue to really do just that! If each local business sought to set aside say 10 percent -- or 5 percent or 20 percent -- exclusively to grow its business with a local group businesses would experience a surge in billings and revenues.

Imagine the possibilities… and it’s all readily possible with the conscious decision to support local businesses. With all our new technology, smalbany serves the role of the “market place” where people met face to face to face to conduct business and make deals – the Agora, the Forum, or the tea and tobacco shops of London and Amsterdam.

With that said this is what we seek to accomplish at smalbany. We seek to encourage the accelerated development of financial transactions between smalbany merchants and suppliers.

We hope you can attend smalbany and expand your business prospects, opportunities and profits. Please add your comments on any additional activities you would like to see at smAlbany or partnerships you would like to develop with other vendors.