Small Businesses continue to neglect their security needs

Businesses continue to neglect their security needs,  and many are exposing themselves to serious data loss or theft risks.

Small businesses are increasingly becoming a target of computer hackers, who are moving away from large corporations. For these reasons it is critical that small businesses reevaluate and upgrade their security software and procedures.

Small and midsized businesses are proving more popular targets because they provide inadequate security protection. Only a few years ago hackers to achieve a high level of sophistication to score a successful attack, but today technology and tactics now make it much easier to raid smaller targets.

A recent survey of 1,500 small businesses found that:

• Viruses are the most popular threat small businesses encounter (45%),
• Spyware follows behind viruses (23%),
• A large number of small businesses (36% ) use free consumer security applications, which put these businesses at significant risk, and
• A small but sizeable number of small businesses (13%) have no security in place.

In addition, 31% of small businesses surveyed are operating without anti-spam software; 23% have no anti-spyware; and 15% percent have no firewall in place.

The sad fact is the average annual cost of cyber attacks for small and midsized organizations was $188,242. Compromised computer security can cost substantial amounts, while the cost of prevention is modest in comparison.

Liberteks can provide a full range of security for your business. We provide the programs and systems needed to protect your business, as well as the procedures and protocols necessary to manage your system.

Note: The survey was conducted by Symantec and Panda Security.

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