The 10 biggest impacts the new iPad will have on business

A technology reporter recently queried me about people who are considering buying the new iPad. And... how has the iPad changed the way you or your company does business.

Here are the changes I've observed with the iPad on the general business landscape (including local firms):

1. it accelerates consumerism in technology, allowing people to choose the specific devise (iPad, laptop, Android) they want to employ -- BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

2. it promotes "big data" solutions across the board, with less info on the device and more from "big data" -- Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

3. it consolidates choices to one for a segment of the market: Apple users can now attempt to get all their hardware and information needs from company

4. it motivates discretionary spending on technology... it's nice to buy an Apple, they look so nice... and I can tell everyone I bought an Apple!

5. it separates "supply chain" from "content delivery" technology, meaning all your information and data needs can be satisfied by your device

6. it raises social media and advertising costs, the proliferation of so many new media sources with result in more media fragmentation, and more spending

7. it insures that information overload will continue throughout 2015, and perhaps sometime people will put down the phone or pad and begin to engage in human activity

8. it forces many licensing contracts to be rewritten for both sides, this will be a vexing issue as we struggle to determine the tolerable costs of communication and data

9. it continues to build the role of CIO within organizations, with the additional speed and functionality, effective information management becomes crucial

10. It increases the likelihood of a notable cyber attack, our increased dependence on technology unfortunately increases our vulnerability

Agree, disagree? Please share your comments.

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