Five Reasons Why You Need To Integrate TweetDeck Into Your Social Media Arsenal

As small businesses implement tools to automate their social media to maximize marketing, it becomes increasing important to select the correct implementation tools and master their functionality.

TweetDeck is an application that was originally developed to be used in conjunction with Twitter. It was introduced in July 2008 and was later purchased by Twitter in May 2011. The product was renamed TweetDeck by Twitter.

Unfortunately when Twitter purchased TweetDeck, it removed some functionality so I agree with my friend Trish Smith at www.The, who informed us at a recent Meet Up meeting that the original product is the better one. I use TweetDeck version 0.37.6, and we can share that version with you, or you can download the latest version of TweetDeck by Twitter.

These are the five key reasons to use TweetDec k:

1. One screen to view all your Social Media -- The single screen view provides monitoring and access to all of your social media sites in a single glance. This is provided in an attractive interface (one of the better interfaces available for social media tools), with photos and user profiles included. Other utilities like a url shortener and scheduled tweets/ updates are also available.

2. View Twitter, Facebook, Linked In & More -- TweetDeck has developed considerably over the past few years. Originally, it primarily allowed Twitter users to send and receive their tweets, which was important in its early days, when Twitter’s user interface was quite sparse. Today, users can send and receive their status updates and profiles not only on Twitter, but on Facebook, Linked In, MySpace, Four Square and Google Buzz. (And the new Twitter interface update looks like it was modeled on TweetDeck.)

3. Tracking Topics, Issues & Users -- The monitoring and tracking tools that make TweetDeck outstanding. By dividing the screen, into a series of columns, users can track topics (by #) and users (by @) across Twitter, and across other social media platforms.

4. Tracking Topic, User By Location -- This tracking capability allows the user to listen to all of the various discussions on a topic or their organization or brand, around town, across country or around the world! You can track the topic over the day or the weeks and months. This is a level of functionality that could be of use for businesses all over.

5. Social Media Automation -- With that said, TweetDeck is one of the better social media automation tools to recommend to clients. In my opinion, TweetDeck helps manifest many of the promises of social media, or if you will, the New Media, in that one has the capability to monitor and evaluate the conversation on any giving subject in a relatively sophisticated way . One has the ability to track these discussions, whatever their location, background, etc.

As I said, Tweet Deck is a tool that businesses which need to monitor social media sites could use to track social media on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, My Space and more. This single screen tool provides powerful functionality! It’s easy to install and easy to manage and use. Please share your comments, especially any experiences or tips you have with TweetDeck.

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