7 Questions for Making Better Website Development Decisions

For many small businesses, your web site is the most expensive portion of their brand, in the way that their telephone book ad did in years past.

As a result, I have found that having a formal set of questions is important when making decisions on how (or if) the web site reduces client costs and increases return on investment.

Once there is a central strategy, we can make specific budget decisions including a web development platform. We can consider layout and design specific to the company or brand. Other design and function questions will follow, all in keeping with the unity of the brand, and extending these designs to all your brand materials.

In addition to design, other key technical questions must be ask prior to developing, or more likely, improving the web site, such as updates and revisions, and ongoing maintenance costs, etc.

To determine the appropriate trade-off between these various costs associated with a web project, we start with seven questions about the site or its underlying brand:

1.How often do you plan on updating your web site on a daily or weekly basis?

2. What is the overall breakdown of your marketing costs by platform or media, including your web site?

3. What are the overall qualifications of you and your staff to maintain the web site and your marketing projects?

4. Is it your goal to have the site perceived as well designed or merely functional?

5. What will be your website message in 18 months? ( How is that different from today?)

6. Are you a portal or a designation, and why?

7. Is there a vision or are we still shopping for a better site vision?

I try to have these questions formally stated and understood by all parties before choosing a web development platform or other vendors as described below.

With an understanding of these seven questions and your answers, you will be in a much better position to choose between the various competing proposals and budgets you receive.

If this is done with a reasonable technology review, the path to the best solution usually becomes apparent. This is what creates a great and functional web site that people use and achieves the business goal for marketing or brand development. Seven questions and a mastermind web development team will help ensure a great web site.

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