Dunkin Donuts Campaign Is the Taste of SoLoMo

If you witnessed Dunkin Donuts SoLoMo offer this week, you're getting a taste of the future of mobile commerce. This is a trend that is just starting (so mark the date) and in only a few years will revolutionize the financial transactions as we know them.

The Dunkin Donuts offer is that you can buy credits for Dunkin Donuts products online and place the credits on yours (or someone else') smart phone. You present you phone's screen at the counter to pay for your order.

It's almost become a cliche to talk about the electronic wallet, but today we are finally getting to the point of the long promised device. We will soon be able to pay for all of our transactions via our smart phones, and so much more.

We will continue to see more and more of a conversion to SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) or (Social Media, Local Markets, Mobile Technology) in the weeks and months ahead.

Dunkin Donuts' offer is one of the first large scale offers that incorporate the social, local, mobile financial principles, although I'm sure there are many other offers occurring on a smaller scale.

This should give you a taste of what's in store for the future!

The benefits of SoLoMo technology will be significant and have lasting impact on our communities and our lifestyles. It's a pleasure watching these changes progress. Please share your  SoLoMo experiences!

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