Don't Forget Data Backup and Disaster Recovery, and Avoid Major Repair Costs

Data backup and disaster recovery are critical concerns for consumers and businesses, and each day I see the unnecessary costs people pay because they did not provide adequate protection for their computer systems.

Liberteks can provide you with the products and cloud-based applications to ensure that your system is secure and effective.

All to often, many businesses and consumers continue to neglect their security needs, and they are exposing themselves to serious data loss or theft risks. For this reason, the most powerful and up to date antivirus and malware programs are required. Liberteks can provide to you the most powerful programs currently available on the market. We can install them and support them, and follow up on necessary upgrades over time.

Liberteks also provides the most effective backup systems available and we can offer a wide range of programs to match you specific needs. Backup is a requirement that must be done for every business for a wide range of reason. Unfortunately, many businesses are not adequately backing up their data. At Liberteks, we protect your irreplaceable information at you business.

I have additional materials of security and backup for your information, a white paper called– “Small Business Security Survey”. Please contact me if we can provide additional assistance.

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