What to do if Win8 doesn’t work for you

Windows 8 has only been on the market for three months, but 60 million licenses have already been sold worldwide as of Jan. 2013. Over the next few years it will be installed in virtually every new computer made, except Apples, and Win8 will play a big part in our lives for some time to come.

Win8 is substantially different from Win7, and this is largely due to the fact that this operating system is designed primarily for mobile devices, rather than the traditional desktop. It works perfectly well on desktops, but the operating system was designed to work optimally on tablets and phones.

Which brings us to the question:
What about those people who do not want Win8?
Can it be modified so it looks and acts a lot like Win7?
Can those buying new computers have Win8 uninstalled and have Win7 instated on their system?

Technology continues to change rapidly. Moore’s Law tells us that we are be able to double our technology capacity about every 18 months. Smart phones proliferate and we’re experiencing the SoLoMo phenomenon -- social media, local search and mobile devices. It’s changing society. But not everyone wants to change, and to a degree I see this as understandable.

Some people, particularly those of a certain age and above are not as enamored with the constant, rapid changes in technology as others (i.e. our youth). Many people can follow some of the technology changes, but perhaps they would like the slow down or stagger incorporating these new technologies at their home or business.

In many of these instances, Liberteks can help.

If you want to purchase a new desktop or laptop and know you don’t want to run Win8, bring your machine(s) into Liberteks. We will remove Win8 and reinstall a new Win7 operating system.

Or if you have already purchased a machine running Win8 and it’s not working out well bring it in (or we can come out to you) and we can either replace the operating system or make adaptations to it so that it works for you.

Win8 is innovative and powerful new technology, but it’s not for everybody. At least not right now. It’s generally agreed that Win8 is poised to optimize mobile computing for Microsoft, and it will join in the competition between Android and iOS. I predict substantial success for Win8 and Microsoft in the mobile arena.

But if you want to keep your operating system and programs the way they are, Liberteks can help you.

Just give a call, or drop by!

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