Keep Your Keyboard Clean for a Healthier Workplace



You may not have thought about it, but dirty keyboards can cost your business big money. Each year, productivity losses due to illness cost U.S. businesses a staggering $576 Billion dollars. We’ll give you three tips to help keep your keyboards clean, coming up next.

Something as simple as regularly cleaning the keyboards and desktops in your office can play an important role in keeping your office healthy and productive. Here are a few easy ways to accomplish this task:

1. Remove dust and particles with a keyboard vacuum. – A keyboard vacuum is a handy little tool that usually just plugs right into the USB port of a computer and can make quick work of removing junk from that keyboard.

2. Blow Out Keys and mouse with Canned Air – Canned air is another great way to blow out all of the small crevices, holes, and stuff hiding in and around your computer and workspace.

3. Use a Q-tip dipped in alcohol to clean the keyboard. – A simple Q-tip and alcohol is excellent for thoroughly cleaning surfaces, just be careful not to use too much on any of the surfaces or components.

These methods will make your keyboard a less hospitable place for microbes to thrive and help keep people healthy. To increase productivity in your workplace even more, you should also consider having your computers and networks monitored and maintained on a regular basis. If you are considering a maintenance service for your systems, our team can provide a comprehensive package for you.

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