The Golden Rule for Backing Up Data

Have you ever heard about the “Golden Rule” of data backup? If not, take a moment to watch the above video.

The “Golden Rule” of data backup, also known as the 3-2-1 Rule, is the most common and trusted rule for backing up your data. It’s based on the idea that a strong backup has three copies, the original files and two duplicates, with each duplicate kept on a different type of media (ex hard drive and optical disc), and one of those duplicates kept off-site in the event of a natural disaster. It sounds complicated, but the extra effort is worth it. For example in a survey contained within the 2014 Report on the State of Data Backup for SMBs conducted by Carbonite (Nasdaq: CARB), out of 500 IT professionals interviewed for the survey, 62% had experienced data loss with 33% reporting profit loss as a result. Sounds scary, right?

Well, it gets worse. On top of profit loss, many people do not consider the non-financial impact of losing their data. While the 33% above reported profit loss, many also reported that data loss hurt their employees. Take a look:

  • Work/life balance of employees suffered (25%)
  • Office morale suffered (24%)
  • The IT department became micro-managed (21%)
  • Employees were fired or laid-off (15%)
  • Employees quit (11%)

With these survey results in mind, we can see that implementing a strong backup methodology is vital to avoiding data loss, the results of which can be devastating to your bottom line and employees alike. In the event that you do lose your data, having a strong backup will save you some serious time, money, and morale.

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