How To Clean Your Computer In Less Than a Minute

Keeping your computer clean and free of germs is easier than you think. If you follow our guide, you’ll have it done in under a minute.

You may not consider yourself to be the cleanest person at the office, but you can at least appreciate a clean monitor and a grime-free keyboard. But who honestly has the time to clean their computer and peripherals at the end of each day? Thanks to the team here at, here’s the quickest way that we’ve found to clean your monitor, keyboard and mouse for a healthier, cleaner workspace. And no, it doesn’t involve a pressure washer!


What You’ll Need

Keeping your computer monitor and keyboard clean requires only a few small items. These are:


The Cleaning Breakdown:

  • Turn keyboard/laptop upside down over the trash (10s)
  • Wipe screen with the microfiber cloth. Dampening the cloth can help remove residue. (30s)
  • Wipe down the keyboard and trackpad (or mouse) with the cleaning wipes (20s)


Our team recommends performing this cleaning procedure at least twice a week, especially if you eat lunch at your desk. For more extensive cleaning, please contact our office at 518-452-0550 x1. We have the tools and procedures necessary for a complete and thorough cleaning.


Thanks for reading!