Three SmartHome Devices That Will Change Your Life


Smart home technology has been making its way to the marketplace for some time now, but only recently has it become part of our daily lives. Smart home technology covers a wide range of products and services that allow users to interact with their homes in ways previously only seen in movies. Let’s look at some of these technologies, coming up next.

Controlling aspects of your home with your voice or from just about anywhere in the world is now a reality. These new devices allow us to interact with our homes the way starship captains pilot their ships in futuristic movies. Check out these three smart home devices that are changing the way we manage technology our homes.

1. SmartHub – A smarthub device is a way to connect and manage your smart devices all from one unit. The major players in smarthub technologies are Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Along with allowing universal connectivity, these hubs allow you to control other smart devices with your voice, set alarms, take notes, look up information, and many other digital assistant functionalities.

2. Connected Thermostat – Heating and cooling your home can be a tiresome cat and mouse game, especially if you live in an area with multiple seasons and fluctuating temperatures. New connected thermostats allow you to save money and control your home’s temperature from anywhere. Some thermostats can even learn habits and comfort levels to save you the most money on heating and cooling bills.

3. Smart Lighting – Have you ever stumbled to find a light switch, or wished you could turn the lights on or off with your voice? Smart lighting and smart light bulbs can accomplish these tasks. Though it may seem like a convenience item, smart lighting can be a real benefit. Accidents and falls in the dark account for a high number of injuries, especially in the elderly. With smart lighting, you can decrease the chances of these injuries and never have to touch a light switch again.

Though there are many new smart devices that connect to your home and the internet, it is important when installing these devices that you consider the security of your home and family. As new devices hit the market, so do new ways of hacking them. If you have any questions about the security of your network or implementing smart devices, give our team a call.

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