3 Ways to Help Keep Your Company Data Safe


As a small business owner, it’s important to keep your networks and customer data safe. With so many bad actors on the Internet these days, you need the best security measures. Protecting your organization from a breach requires you to be proactive as hackers are growing more sophisticated every day. We’ll share some effective ways to guard against hacking, viruses, and unsuitable content in the workplace, coming up next.

It is essential for businesses of all sizes to invest in protecting their customer data and networks. It's estimated that every stolen customer record will cost you hundreds of dollars in lost revenue, direct losses, and reputation damage. Not to mention the potential legal trouble this could put you in. Don't let this happen to you. Here are three steps you can take to protect your companies important data.

Number 1: Audit your Network: Start by auditing your current network protections. Figure out where your data is stored, what access points are available, and who can use them. Once you've got a basic idea about what kind what vulnerabilities you have you can figure out how to protect yourself. This is a great time to decide how much access to give your employees. A good rule of thumb is to only give them enough network access to complete their assigned duties.

Number 2: Threat Mitigation Training: The most successful hacking attacks are done through tricking business staff into providing information they shouldn’t. Businesses of any size could benefit from threat mitigation training. It includes training people to always ask for credentials when dealing with outsiders and to watch out for phishing and other social engineering attacks. Don't assume that because someone says they're from tech support you should let them on your account.

Number 3: Use a Web Filter: A web filter stops employees from viewing inappropriate or banned sites on company time. Along with antivirus software, this is not only a great way to keep dangerous sites from infecting your corporate networks, it also eliminates the potential liability that comes from employees visiting unauthorized sites.

Hackers are getting more cunning as time goes by. It's important to always keep an eye on your network and users to make sure all practices are up to date. If you would like to learn more about network security for your business, call us for a free consultation. We are glad to help.

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