As we settle into 2010...

As we settle into 2010, my thoughts here in sunny Florida (high temperature 80 degrees today) return to smAlbany.

I wanted to reflect on a few pertinent smAlbany topics of interest -- to tell you where we have been and where we’re going -- and to share with you my personal opinion that the smAlbany “mantra” is increasingly begin used as a positive, rather than a negative modifier. (Which has always been my intention...)

First off, I’d like to recognize the creation of a smAlbany Young Professionals Group on Facebook. They have over 1,300 friends and they’re working on a number of social and charity projects. Definitely check them out and become a member.

There’s also the Stakeholders Foundation whose goals are to promote cities in the Capital District, through volunteerism and support local charitable organizations, among other goals.  They recently hosted an event “Get on Board 2010” to encourage volunteerism, which is good for our communities.

The Stakeholders also were the organization that last year hosted a local presentation by author and urban planner Richard Florida. His book “Who’s Your City?” is essential reading for the redevelopment and revitalization of our local urban areas in smAlbany.  

Moving from urban development to cyberspace, the blog, "All Over Albany" is notable for its take on the Capital District, and I’m very impressed with their work. AOA have the right combination of good, interesting local news and some sizzle.

For the discerning smAlbany reader, I would recommend to bookmark and on your Favorites list. That way we’ll always be on your screen for immediate access. To do this simply go to my blog site and click “Bookmarks” on you toolbar, then choose the “Menu” option. You’ll have it right there, when you need it.

At we’re preparing, among other things, for the 5th Annual smAlbany Small Business Day. Last year we had 300 participants and we want to this year’s event bigger and better than ever. We know that small business will be engine that drives the economy locally and nationally – and that’s another reason for the small in smAlbany.

In my next post, I will discuss the suggestions you’ve provided on smAlbany. I look forward to your comments, please take the opportunity to voice your opinion.