How to "blow up" your small business Part I

At the risk of using a non-politically correct word such as "blow up" in the concept all small businesses desiring to find a business niche and "blow it up"; here "blow it up" refers to the non-controversial concept of exponential growth i.e. growth in market share, ROI, and net profits.

Only rarely can any business owner "blow up their business" if even for a short period of time. Glass and lighting manufacturers "blew up their business" in the 1970's disco boom. Flag manufactures’ "blew up their business" after 9/11 as a flags furled free. Lumber manufactures "blew up their businesses" after Katrina.

The unforeseeable and often temporary growth often occurs without warning; but some can ride that growth to a permanent market capitalization. That is where small business differs from this public perspective; because small businesses can secure personal worth (reputation) for personal market capitalization.

The artist who draws, sings, or provides some other artistic representation adds that personal value to their profit equation when making business decisions. The small business owner can likewise secure added value in the marketplace of the basis of his or accumulated work or client lists. Referrals, media interviews, etc. follow.

In part II we discuss a local example. For the moment, have you ever "blown up your business" and did the business live to tell about it?  How small could you grow it and how did you do it?