Why Simplification First Feels Bad

When we simplify the systems of our lives, we transfer the way we felt about our previous systems in the hopes of the benefits of a new simpler choice. Often this simpler choice provides the potential of a method that for delivering its service and in producing its effects.

For example yoga is often based on not thinking about the actions you are participating in. Often Muslim, Jewish, Christian and other cultures require specific scheduled rituals with regularity. Often through the repetition of these activities, the values and behaviors of this culture are reinforced. Some might say it simplifies certain areas of their lives, some would say the type of complexities they deal with change.

I've had it both ways, and I know they all hurt. Hurt because I realized what I could have been doing with my time if I had that time back. Maybe it's a fear because the cost seems so hard to afford. Often the decisions you make in one area affect another. For example if you have an application developed for your business you may lose out on features that you favored in the old system, or have to develop to generate the reports or functionality you previously utilized.

Either way everyone is better off if we can simplify our relationship with technology. Ironically, we can make use of the complex technology hardware and software available today to develop systems that make our lives simpler, less stressful and more productive.

You don't believe me? Well it's true, and I'm working to incorporate these time savers and de-stressers into my system. What features you might ask, well aside from the obvious like Microsoft Office Suite, etc., I would suggest Microsoft Outlook to include all of you contacts, targeted emails, meetings and much more. With this base you can organize a significant portion of your contacts and communications.

Other time savers and productivity boosters include managing your emails by my 1-2-3 system (blog __), a automated scheduler --there's Doogle, Tungle and a bunch of other free products out there, there's TweetDeck to manage all of Twitter tweets and contacts and much more, there are additional products to manage your Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, You Tube and other SM accounts.

A variety of CRM (customer relationship management) products are available. These are very hot currently. These programs manage all aspects of customer sales and marketing. SugarCRM is very popular for various sales, and program's are also developed for specific industries, like Vocus, to had all aspects of public relations marketing, client relations, media distribution and retrieval, and your computer systems consultant can advise you on these products, and which products to stay away from.

If I could walk away from every technology problem, quickly, would I have new problems or problems like building profitability in a shrinking market, well yes, but that's another blog post. For the time being I'm working to increase my serenity and productivity through simplification.

If my quest for simplicity is successful, you will hopefully see me at my desk quietly humming the universal "OM". What are the results of you efforts to achieve simplification?