How smAlbany can earn your business $10,000

smAlbany pledges to create an annual local event that will showcase local small business effort and will generate $10,000 in business value for each attendee.

That's right. We estimate that the smAlbany 2010 will produce in excess of $10,000 for full day attendees and $5,000 for small business targeted booth exhibitors. How do we do it? Talk to us and we will show you.

smAlbany a day for small business and local professional matchmaking ala D2 -- Dan and Darcy, more about that later. This is a compelling deliverable as Liberteks and its managed services is positioned to be a fair broker of all matters we are required to decide. We have unique skills, databases, and experience in providing “fair broker” services for our clients and organizational partners. This is just another example of that service in action. (I’m glad Darcy you share in that thinking.) Please let me know how I can help create and document more of these relationships and associated deliverables.

Sometimes we are so good at what we do, that we forget that clients do not have their marketing priorities as refined as others. Making it easy to partner is what we do. Whether we do it before, during, or after smAlbany is just a question of form.

So what is the connection between inkjet refills and Mary Kay. Inkjets can be refilled at Price Chopper, where women make the majority of the purchasing decisions.

What if we had Mary Kay table with no Mary Kay product. Only a way to recycle inkjets for an annual charity, while being supported in all Price Chopper and Mary Kay markets. Or maybe the Mary Kay team can find Mark -- the inkjet guy -- a better referral to another social group to work with (e.g. Girl Scouts). A bold thought yes. But in both their best interests to pursue and we have created a platform at smAlbany to do this very quickly. I would say even discussing the opportunity has a $250 value. After all what would you or I pay for such a qualified sales lead in the best of circumstances?

Our goal is $10,000 business value per full show attendee.

For exhibitors we are seeking $5,000 business value per booth.

I would say if each of them takes a booth we can comfortably claim we have give them $250 each towards our vendor return $5000 per vendor. That’s 5% before they even showed up.

Now how should we value any cross-sells we create?

Or join marketing offers?

Or managed services?

Or reduced expenses?

The present value of all future savings based on a 10% interest rate

Or contacts created.

Each contact in your industry locally is worth $100

Each positive conversation in your industry is worth $500

Each positive local conversation outside your industry with a local connection is worth $200

Each piece of business is valued at the life value of maintaining the business from that person for the goods and services contracted within the first three months

Thinking about all of the possibilities, connections are virtually limitless. Therefore, our goal is $10,000 business value per full show attendee, and $5,000 per exhibitor. At this rate you can't afford not to attend smAlbany 2010.