Social Media + the Power of Staying on Message

How do we bring home the bacon to our family week in and week out?

We do so by sharing enough value with the world, that the world says keep going. We create a 7 day cycle with time off, family responsibilities, and work tasks. Maybe we get a vacation too.

As we have celebrated Independence Day, Small Business Day, we take an extra slowdown from work tasks and try to coast to Labor Day. Summer seems to come later each year in smAlbany so lets make the most of it. Wouldn't it be great if we all could disappear until Labor Day and we were still working; because of the power of our message!

I know I'm reaching; let's call this the stretch goal. But we can set the short term goal of leaving our firm's message firmly in place while we leave the room. That requires the people in the room agree what the firm's message is and are repeating it while you are gone. I'd like to set up my brand to do that, and I want to share how I do that with you.

Let's figure this one out together -- and see how we can incorporate social media for getting our message out!