Liberteks Expanding iPhone Repair Service

In an effort to expand services for our customers, Liberteks is expanding its iPhone repair service in terms of products repairs and brands serviced.

Liberteks will now repair all types of phones, including iPhones, Blackberries, and Droids along with other models.

In addition, Liberteks will provide repair for all computer and technology products including: CPUs, printers, monitors, audio and video equipment, other electronics and much more.

We are very excited about the repair program and there are two main reasons why:

1. many times, it is far more cost effective to repair an item rather than purchase a new one

2. from an environmental perspective it is unconscionable that we discard, rather than repair and reuse, so many of items we use.

I'm convinced that we will no longer be able to maintain this amount waste, and that we should be conserving now.

Many people tell me that is difficult finding ways to recycle and reuse, so we're hoping that over time this program will assist in green, environmental friendly efforts.

For more information, contact Liberteks at 518.452.0550x1.

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