How do you develop a voice for social media?

Take your list, and break into two or more pieces. Remember many social media sites require you break your list into smaller groups before they will send your message. For example, LinkedIn limits users to 50 messages at a time. Leverage that "feature" into a low cost A/B test or use it for the evolution of a message.

In the beginning all messages can be constructed from conversational speech or formal speech. These spoken words translated to text and eventually social media change form. They find their voice. When moved to Twitter we have plugins that convert them further to tweets.

Recently LinkedIn had a password issue. This generated a critical mass message in social and all other media. We can now focus on how well this message was heard and followed. But what about the relevant next question. If you changed your LinkedIn password, what other password(s) should you change next?

What protocols should you follow for regularly changing your passwords for maximum security. What tool can you use to track this and simplify the process? How can your IT vender help?

That is a conversation worth having, and now is a useful time to have it.

What you think?

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