Choice in technology -- what's it gonna be as we move forward

Many people prefer the personal touch versus Amazon type business. I feel the same way. At the same time the current technology reality is simple. Apple is moving the world to a single source closed model. The iPad is leading that charge.

If you want choice in any technology offering moving forward, I'd recommend get a Kindle or Fire. Use them for basic purchasing including staples like diapers and paper towels [the type of bulk items you would see at a Walmart or Costco]. The free freight makes it a good buy for this type of purchase, especially for busy moms.

Once we can get the Apple gaga toned down, you the consumer will have much more choice in general. Then we can get back to brick and mortar versus Internet purchasing as a conversation. We are so close to having no choice in sourcing, we need to to rebuild choice as an option again. Amazon is one of the few choices left. If their platform fails, it will be several years before a new player can emerge against Apple, if at all.

I have no problem with Apple, I just believe in having real choice in technology and many markets.