Big Data for 2014 #Smallbiz Technology Success

As 2014 starts many wonder, "What are the trends in technology that will affect my small business, household or me?" At Liberteks IT Services we watch trends and separate genuine opportunities for our clients from the pile of possible trend choices. This policy has been in place since our founding in 1991, as we have learned the best way to help our clients is to constantly engage in where their industry is headed and cross train in a broad range of IT skills.

By servicing the small business and productivity worker needs, Liberteks provides our clients the sweet spot between enterprise tools [that require expensive configuration and maintenance] and consumer tools [that are built to be disposable and have little respect for your critical assets - time, money, and data].

Often it is difficult to link your current technology problems, to other non-technical business problems you have. The good news is that after serving thousands of local clients, while understanding multiple types of technologies Liberteks has found the link between technology decisions - business/productivity decision making - and helping clients create business value! This is why Liberteks focuses on maintaining a hybrid of technical and business skills. This allows for the development of the most innovative and cost effective solutions.

The first exciting trend is in the BIG DATA. Yes; you have a customer list, history and other data sets. But are you connecting this data with external data sources in a managed way to enhance the value of your services for your clients? Are you mining the valuable data you have build in a way that brings new tools to bear on your past data? Are you doing this in an efficient manner?

It would be great if this could be delegated to one service vendor; for example marketing. But the reality is that no one business category can manage the scope of big data that is hitting your small business or your productivity needs in the coming years.

To succeed will require a more holistic approach for both small businesses and individuals. Only then can you match the required specializations of storing, analyzing and executing on big data with the goal of creating business value and productivity. Improving your decision making, while leveraging the investments larger firms are making in BIG DATA, allows you to innovate quicker, and opens up a variety of opportunities to make your business thrive!

Liberteks is uniquely capable to have a conversation with you about this issue, as we manage all the technology and business vendors required to create value from big data. In addition we have culled a stable of local and global vetted vendors who can help you implement initiatives in BIG DATA while keeping your category costs down.  Contact Liberteks today to start this conversation and learn how to bring the power of BIG DATA to your small business or individual productivity needs.

Putting Big Data to Work

Putting Big Data to Work